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Top 3 Best 78-inch L-shaped standing desks

If a 60 x 60 regulars standing desk is not able to accommodate your hefty requirements, why not go big and get an L-shaped desk instead. So here are our top three picks for a more spacious working area.  Progressive Corner Ryzer Desk ($920) If you’ll hover through the internet right now, the Corney Ryzer L-shaped desk is one of …

FEZIBO L-shaped electric standing desk review & top 3 best Alternatives

What do we think about the L shaped standing desk from FEZIBO? Well, let’s find out now! FEZIBO L-shaped electric standing desk – Lots of add ons If you read a review on the FEZIBO standing desks from Standingdesktopper, you might know how we love the accessories that come with the desk. The same things ring true with the L-shaped …

Apexdesk vs Uplift Showdown: which is the more reliable standing desk?

Both of these standing desks make use of China-made motors. The Apexdesk uses a less known TA Nikoda while the  Uplift is equipped with a Jiecang motor. And we all know how a lot of people view products that contain anything that’s China-made. Top 5 best Standing Desk Balance Board – Work on your Core While Working on your Deadlines …

Top 5 best Standing Desk Balance Board – Work on your Core While Working on your Deadlines

If an anti-fatigue mat is too sedentary for you, you need a balance board for your sit and stand desk. These boards can give you more range of movement and will encourage you to stay more active.  Whether you’re a beginner or looking for a more challenging balance board, you can find the percent balance board from my recommendation. Fitterfirst …

Top 5 best sit-stand desk frames under 300$

A decent sit-stand desk frame need not cost more than what you’re looking to pay. See my recommendation for decent sit-stand desk frames that run under 300 dollars. Even with a budgeted amount, you’ll still be able to find a standing desk frame that you can comfortably use for your home office  FEZIBO dual motor standing desk frame ($239.99) The …

UNICOO Crank Standing Desk review and Best Alternatives

If you’re in the market for a more affordable entry-level desk, manually adjustable desks are the best option. You can get the benefits of standing desks without shelling out much dough.  UNICOO could be a great standing desk solution for your home office. Yes, it’s affordable, but so are other brands in the market. So let’s see what makes it …

Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation was been devastating for women, survivors, communities of color, and so many more across America. It ushered in a reckoning that echoes far beyond him. The fight against all those who want to keep women small, silent, and controlled, has barely begun.


The small but fierce Women’s March team was on the ground in Washington D.C. for the five weeks from when the Kavanaugh hearings began until the final Senate vote. We met with Senators, disrupted hearings, and organized multiple record-setting mass mobilizations. We invested in the leadership of women and femmes by holding direct action and self defense trainings and by sponsoring state leaders to come to D.C. to lobby their Senators in person.

The Women’s March #CancelKavanaugh campaign mobilized over 10,000 people to take action in D.C. On October 6th, 2018, we flooded the steps of the U.S. Capitol, dissented during the Senate vote, and marched up the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court to reclaim it for ourselves.

Our movement is only getting stronger. We have to succeed; we are fighting for our lives. Over the last month, we’ve had tens of thousands of women, survivors, and allies with us in the streets, and millions have been with us over the last two years.

Women —and especially women of color — are voting, we are running for office, and we are organizing in numbers large enough to overturn every last remnant of the Trump Agenda. We can’t do that without your support.