Apexdesk vs Uplift Showdown: which is the more reliable standing desk?

Both of these standing desks make use of China-made motors. The Apexdesk uses a less known TA Nikoda while the  Uplift is equipped with a Jiecang motor. And we all know how a lot of people view products that contain anything that’s China-made.

So between these two standing desks, which is more reliable? Which can serve you for the long haul? See our comparison to find out. 

Apexdesk vs Uplift Showdown #Stability

When it comes to stability, we find the Uplift desk more reliable. We made a review with the Apexdesk before and we encountered several issues, especially with the Vortex 60-inch desk. The wobbling and shaking are constant and very noticeable. And even if you have tightened the connection, it doesn’t seem to do any good to the desk. However, the  Elite series is a less wobbly option.

But if we are going to compare it to the Uplift desks, especially the more popular V2 commercial, the Apexdesk will be left behind.

Apexdesk vs Uplift Showdown #Build and construction

The overall build and construction of the V2 are more robust and reliable than any Apexdesk. Uplift makes use of reinforced crossbars and has more massive legs that add to the durability of all its desks. This also ensures that the desk has lesser wobbles. Though keep in and that it’s not a wobble-free desk. 

It also has a molded feet design and the finishing is better. This also amps up the aesthetic features of the Uplift. 

The Apexdesk, on the other hand, is not flimsy at all. It has durable tubular steel frames and leveling rubber pads. So in case, your ground surface isn’t even, you can adjust the leveling pads to create a more even surface. But not all Apexdesks have a fairly decent construction.  We didn’t love how the Vortex desk measured. It seemed to bend even with the desk’s lower weight capacity. The Elite series can be a bit at par with that of Uplift’s desk frames.

Verdict: the Uplift desk boats of more robust and reliable desk frame and build. There were improvements made by the brand from the V1 version to the V2. So if you want a more reliable and more solid Uplift desk, we highly recommend the V2 commercial desk. 

Uplift standing desk
Uplift standing desk

Desk height range and desktop sizes

The Uplift desk has a desk height range from 24.5 to  50.25 inches The brand offers a wider range. It can go high enough for those who stand 6 feet. And it can also go low enough for petite and smaller users. 

We also love how you can customize your Uplift desk. You have an array of choices for the tabletop finishes. And you can get a small Uplift desk that measures 42” x 30”. And if you want a larger desk,  you can get an Uplift desk as large as 80” x 30”.

One of the more popular tabletop finishes is bamboo.  And if you have a lot of options. You can choose over 19 table finishes and it comes in different colors too. 

The Apexdesk, on the other hand, does offer a wider desk with the Elite series. The widest desk is 71 inches wide. The Elite series is also the brand’s bestseller. It comes with an ergo-contoured desk that makes it ergonomic.  And for a more basic tabletop, the Vortex and the Flex series feature a plain tabletop. But the thing is, these units are less stable and have a lower weight capacity compared to the Elite series.

As for the height range, the Elite series has the wider height adjustment out of all the other Apexdesk units. And it can go from 29 to 48 inches. It can accommodate taller people but it will not be able to go low enough for petite users. 

No doubt, we have to give this flag to the Uplift. The Uplift desk has wider desks and it has a wider height range that can accommodate most users. Though you’ll be able to find a wider Apexdesk, it’s sort of 9 inches compared to the Uplift V2’s 80-inch desk. 

And the Uplift has more customizable options. Though the Apexdesk also offers some options for desk size and color, it’s limited. You will feel like a kid in the candy store with Uplift’s options.

Motor and electronics.

Both desks make use of a China-made motor. The Apexdesk uses   a TA Nikoda motor. And the Uplift uses a Jiecang motor. Both motors are not wobble-free, but one is shakier than the other.

Apexdesks have a two-stage motor but we did experience shaking at almost all heights.  And one of the common problems across all Apexdesk is the unresponsiveness of the control panel, specifically the Elite series. The unresponsive of the control panel is very noticeable. It feels flimsy and it can be really frustrating. In addition to that, the motor can also have some whining noise.

The Uplift desk, on the other hand, isn’t that perfect either. We did experience wobbling, but it’s not that noticeable as compared to the Apexdesk. Also, the Jiecang motor seems to be more reliable compared to the TA Nikoda.  Jiecang, being a more popular motor used in other standing desks, has made some improvement on their configurations. Hence, there is less wobble compared to the unpopular TA Nikoda.

As for the transitioning, it’s somewhat fast and the control panel is decently responsive. Across all Uplift desks, we didn’t experience the same issues with the control panel that we had with the Apexdesk. It’s also not the quietest compared to the more premium brands such as Herman  Miller, but it produces less noise than Apexdesk.

Apexdesk Elite
Apexdesk standing desk

Apexdesk Elite vs Uplift v2 Commercial

To get a clearer idea, let’s compare the brand’s more popular units.

Which is more stable?

The Uplift V2 with a Jiecang motor and more study steel frames and cross support system is a more reliable desk compared to the Elite series.  And we have the Uplift v2 in terms of stability. Though it’s not the most stable of a lot of midrange-priced standing desks, it is less wobbly than the Elite series.

Which has a better desktop?

Both units present a beautiful and large desktop. The Uplift v2 gives you a lot of options on what size, color, and even a contoured desk. It’s also wider at 9 at 80inches. On the other hand, the Elite Apexdesk also has a lovely tabletop with a contoured front. But in terms of options, the Apexdesk Elite series is inferior compared to the array of options that the Uplift offers.

Which is a stronger desk?

The weight capacity of the V2 desk is over 300 lbs while that of the Elite series is 225 lbs. Therefore, the V2 will offer more room for an elaborate workstation. 

Which is easier to assemble?

You need to flex your muscle or ask help from a colleague to set up the Elite desk. It’s heavy, especially the tabletop. Though the instructions are easy to follow, you have to be prepared for the very heavy tabletop.

As for the V2 series, it will take you 30 minutes to set it up. We find it easier to set up compared to the Elite series desk

Which has a better set of features?

The Elite desk has 2 grommet holes and a cable management tray for a clutter-free workspace. Compared to other apex desks, this unit has more to brag about. The control panel though seems to be flimsy and unresponsive.

On the other hand, the V2 also features grommet holes and a cable management tray, pretty much the same as the Elite desk. It just has a  more responsive control panel. It’s more expensive and doesn’t feel or look cheap in any way.

How about the price?

The V2 only costs more than the Elite series. But we find that with all the features, a more responsive control panel, a more stable desk, and a lot of customization options, the cost is warranted. 

Which has a better warranty?

Apexdesk offers a 2-year warranty. But for an unknown motor, this seems to be too short. Though TA NIkoda has been around for years, there are no records as to how long they have been making motors for standing desks. So the reliability of the motor is very much in question that the 2-year warranty will not suffice.

For The Uplift desk, the brand offers a  7 years warranty. So that’s a bang for your buck. That’s why even if it makes use of a China-made motor, it’s still popular in the market. 

You have something to back you up in case the table fails. A 7-year warranty is such a sweet treat to any standing desk purchase. 

Final say

So which is more reliable? Without a doubt,  it’s the Uplift desks. The longer warranty and more stable desk also sealed the deal. Though it has a higher price compared to the more affordable Apexdesk, it offers more security with its 7-year warranty.