Autonomous Ergochair Pro review

autonomous chair Ergochair 2 pro review

The ergochair-pro is a high-end ergonomic chair designed by autonomous to provide the utmost level of comfort and support for its users.

This is quite an ambitious model, since it is very expensive, has many features and offers an exceptional quality of materials and manufacture. However, Ergochair pro promises to be worth every penny you spend.

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Features of The ErgoChair Pro 2

  • High density molded foam seat and backrest
  • Mesh fabric on the seat, ergochair pro has a mesh backrest. This provides amazing ventilation and comfort during long hours of use.
  • Unique “S” shaped seat pan contour
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment (you can lower or raise your chair using a lever under the seat)
  • Pneumatic backrest height adjustment (you can lower or raise ergochair pro’s backrest using a lever located on the underside of the seat)
  • PostureFit SL, which is adjustable lumbar support for ergochair pro. It can be set to accommodate different torso lengths and provides exceptional support to the lower back.
  • Three wheel casters. This may look like a classic or outdated feature, but it’s actually well thought out and works great for ergochair pro. The wheels are large enough to provide good stability, but also small enough to allow easy lateral movement.
  • Synchro Tilt mechanism, this is not an advanced synchro tilt like the one found in ergotron’s chairs. However, ergochair pro’s simple and non-intrusive single lever mechanism works just fine for adjusting its backrest between 90 degrees to 180 degrees vertically.
  • Adjustable armrests
  • The ergochair pro is covered in a durable and easy to clean leather-like material.

Ergochair pro

How about Ergonomic?

Ergonomics always play an important part when it comes to designing office furniture, and ergochair pro answers the call with: height adjustable armrests, a lumbar support and tilt mechanism.

As we mentioned above, ergochair pro features three wheel casters. This is something that some users will like and others won’t. However, if you’re looking for ergochair-pro’s major qualities such as its comfortable seat padding or ergonomics, then this type of chair is a good choice.

Now, ergochair pro is basically autonomous’s top of the line model. This means that it features all their patented technologies and specially designed parts for this particular chair. What we mean by this, is that ergochair pro uses a series type molded foam seat and backrest in order to provide maximum support and comfort. The foam ergochair pro uses is very dense, which makes it perfect for ergochair-pro’s high weight capacity (up to 300 lbs in the backrest and up to 400 lbs in the seat).

As far as ergochair pro’s mesh fabric goes (which covers autonomous ergochair 2 review ergochair core), it’s great for ergochair pro being breathable. This means that ergochair-pro will keep you cool during summer days or hot, humid environments.

Ergonomically speaking ergochair-pro offers great support to the back and many other ergonomic benefits depending on your height, weight, torso length and how well you follow

Ergochair Pro vs Ergochair Core?

There are slight differences between ergochair pro and ergochair core. Namely, ergochair pro is made with a high-density molded foam seat and backrest. This gives ergochair pro the same amount of lumbar support as ergotron’s chairs (which is great). However, ergochair Pro does not feature ergotron’s adjustable lumbar support (which is present in ergochair core).

The cons of Autonomous Ergochair Pro

Ergochair pro is a bit pricey about ergochair core and ergotron’s chairs (which cost less than ergochair. And the other cons, we break down below

  • ┬áIt does not feature ergotron’s adjustable lumbar support.
  • Does not come with any arms (you can add them, but ergochair pro does not come with ergotron’s armrests).
  • Pricey in relation to ergochair core and ergotron’s chairs (which cost less than ergochair).
  • No adjustable armrests.
  • Very difficult to assemble. You might need to pay someone else to help you with ergochair assembly. There are more cons, but the list would be too long if we added them all here.

Best alternatives for Autonomous Ergochair Pro

With the same price range, below are the best alternatives to ergochair pro.

1. Ergotron office chair

Ergotron ergo chair offers very similar features, at a lower price point. Ergonomic chair from ergotron is best for those who will use as a task chair instead of an executive or managerial one. It’s not as ergonomic as autonomous’s chairs, but it still offers great lumbar support without adjustable lumbar support (like the ergochair pro).

2. Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

third-generation leap chair aims to provide the perfect balance between comfort and support, keeping you comfortable and productive, whatever position you’re in and whatever activity you’re doing (working out at the gym, taking a nap, reading a book and even playing sports).

3. Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Herman miller ergonmics chairs are highly considered to be the best in class when it comes to ergonomic office chairs. However, what makes them not suitable for autonomous ergochair 2 review ergochair pro is their price tag and low weight capacity (for back support).


Autonomous ergochair pro is a great chair, but if you’re looking for something that offers more back support in its price range, ergotron ergo chair is suitable for you. Herman miller ergonmics chairs are highly considered to be the best in class when it comes to ergonomic office chairs. However, what makes them not suitable is their price tag and low weight capacity (for back support).

If your main focus to for prolonged periods of time or care about having adjustable lumbar support, ergochair is not for you. ergotron ergo chair offers the same features at a lower price point and it even comes with adjustable lumbar support.

Hope you enjoy this post. If you have any questions related to this Autonomous ergochair 2, feel free to contact us. See you at the next review!