How to Choose the Best Standing Desk Converter: The Complete Guide

best standing desk converter

Choosing the best standing desk converter can be a tough task, but if you follow these steps then it will become a lot easier. First, you need to know what factors to consider before buying a standing desk converter. Next is why people should use one of these converters instead of sitting all day at work. Finally, the top 10 best standing desk converters in the US market are listed with their pros and cons as well as where they can be purchased from and customer service information for each company.

If you’re looking for more guidance on how to choose the top-rated standing desks on sale today, keep reading!

Factors to consider before buying a great standing desk converter:

First, you need to be aware of all the factors that come into play when deciding on a new standing desk converter for your office. These are not just any kind of tables but have special features and top quality components which will make them sturdy enough to handle being used every day in an office environment while still allowing users to stand instead of sit.

  • Type of tabletop

Top-quality standing desk converters come in three top types, laminate tops, wood tops, and solid plastic tops. Laminates are the most affordable but also the cheapest quality so they tend to chip easily or become stained by coffee cups which is why it’s important to purchase a top with no edges that can trap spills between its joints. Solid molded plastic tops are much more durable than laminates for everyday use if you don’t mind paying extra for them upfront. Wood finishes tend to be higher-end options since their main appeal comes from looking like real office furniture instead of something cheap made out of metal tubing and particleboard.

  • Size dimensions

Standing desks come in several different sizes ranging from around 30″ wide up to top sizes of 72″ in width. Most manufacturers offer desks that are anywhere in between 30″ wide up to 60″. Which one is the best? Well, that all depends on your office space and how much room you have to spare. While 30″ top sizes are the most affordable option, they’re also quite small so if you need more legroom then go with one of the larger top sizes instead.

  • Length dimensions

The top length is another factor that must be considered since standing desks come in three different lengths between 48″ up to 72″. The best choice will depend on what kind of work needs to get done by each employee working at it but generally speaking, a 60-inch top size would fit perfectly in an average-sized cubicle while 72 inches might even be too long for such spaces. A 48-inch top height may not provide enough comfort or stability compared to longer ones

  • Height adjustable

Most top brands also allow their models to be adjusted from 24 inches high up to as tall as 30+ inches depending upon what’s comfortable for each person who will use them instead of just offering only one standard height option like other converter tables out there. This makes it easier to find a top that will be comfortable for you without forcing anyone else who may work nearby your desk to have low ceilings at their desks.

  • DIY or not?

Why should I choose a standing desk converter instead of just using my existing office furniture?

People who are looking for ways to improve their office workstations without having to spend a ton of money on top-quality new desk equipment may be tempted by lower-priced standing desks that can convert existing tables into top ergonomic ones. This is not the best choice since most people end up being unhappy with converting their current table because there’s no way it’ll ever feel as good as using a brand-new top from one of these top-rated companies instead.

The whole point of buying a converter over just getting rid of your old furniture and starting fresh is so you don’t have to buy everything all at once, but this means sacrificing both comfort and convenience when trying out cheaper versions first before going for higher quality which cost more upfront but offers better

  • The stability

The stable of top-quality standing desk converters is top-notch because they have been tested for durability, stability, and safety at the factory before being shipped to customers. They also come with many features that often aren’t available on other office furniture such as cable management systems or built-in power strips so you can access electricity without having an unsightly mess of cords down your tabletop.

  • Budget?

While top quality standing desk converters can cost up to several hundred dollars, you don’t need top end models in order to get the benefits of having a converter table for your office. There are plenty of budget options out there which still offer everything we’ve mentioned above and more but may not have as many bells and whistles so they also tend to be lighter duty than top brands selling at higher price points.

The top ten best rated standing desks on sale: With so many different top brand names offering similar features and prices it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to find one that will work well with your home or professional needs. That’s why we put together this list including the pros/cons of each model along with where customers

  • Weight Capacity

Top-quality standing desk converters come with a weight capacity rating so look for one which can accommodate at least 200 lbs or more if you plan on using it almost every day and want something sturdy enough not to wobble while typing, working on your computer, setting down cups of coffee…

How can I find the best standing desk converter with the weiight capacity 200 pounds or more? Don’t worry

Some top brands offer models with top weight capacities of up to 400 pounds or more which is great for anyone who uses their converter table almost every day.

  • The other special Features

Do you need a special feature when it comes to a standing desk converter? What is this?

Some top brands offer models with one or more special features included such as built-in power strips, cable management systems, innovative materials like bamboo tops, etc…You are unique so that’s why you are going to find the best for you and only you. And of course, in this top list, we are going to break down the best special features from the top-rated brands.

Why standing desk converters?

Next, it’s important to know why people should use these converters instead of sitting at their desks most hours throughout the day. Sitting down all day is terrible for many reasons including increased sugar levels along with symptoms like fatigue, back pain, soreness, or even headaches caused by lack of blood flow circulation throughout the body because they’re seated during work most days per week! Standing up while working in the office is a much better option for your health and can be done by using one of these top-rated standing desk converters.

Finally, the top ten best standing desk converters are listed which include their pros and cons as well as where they can be purchased from along with customer service information so that you’re able to get in touch with each company if need be after making a purchase decision.

Top 5 best-rated standing desk converters of 2021

Here is our list with brief

1. Uplift Desk Converter – E3 Compact Standing Desk Converter by UPLIFT Desk

The Uplift Desk converter has many different options including size, color, wood types available, keyboard tray sizes offered, etc., but it’s also very sturdy once assembled properly because of its braces underneath the top which increase stability while still allowing the top to move up and down when adjusted.

About the E3 Compact Standing Desk Converter by UPLIFT Desk, top features include:

  • top weight capacity is 350 lbs which makes it sturdy enough for anyone in most cases. The top weight limit on this model by UPLIFT Desk is about 350 pounds which means that unless you’re significantly over 200 to 300+ lbs, then chances are good that the Efficient Standing Desk Converter will work just fine with your needs and won’t wobble or become unstable when typing, standing up while working throughout the day…
  • Top assembled dimensions are 24″W x 22″D x 28-44″H depending on keyboard tray size chosen (keyboard trays come in three different sizes). Assembled height can be adjusted between 28 inches all the way up to 44 inches with
  • This top standing desk converter by UPLIFT Desk which is very convenient for any workstation.
  • Cable management system included – The Efficient Standing Desk Converter includes a built-in cable management system underneath the top to keep wires hidden and organized in most cases when they are not needed or used. This top feature helps make it look professional, modern, sleek, clean…No one wants an ugly-looking office space because of extra clutter on desks so why not get rid of that problem once and for all with one simple purchase? Achieving great results while also saving time isn’t easy but possible here!
  • Built-in power strip included – There’s no need to worry about finding another place in your home office workspace to

On top of that, it’s easy to assemble according to most customers although you’ll need your tools including a drill or screwdriver for it to go smoothly without any issues along with all parts included which are always great! This standing desk converter also offers different size options starting at 24″ wide and going up from there (the widest model available right now is 48″) so make sure you measure out your space before ordering if possible because they do charge extra shipping costs for returns due to incorrect sizing.

Next, this top branded company does offer excellent customer service via phone or email such as live chat services which make getting help very quick and simple during times where people might be struggling a bit with the assembly process.

Finally, top features of this model include a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs or more depending on size and keyboard tray along with top-quality bamboo top materials including some models which also come in tempered glass as well as an ergonomic design that helps eliminate stress from standing for long periods at a time while working during office hours.

  • Pros and Cons of the Uplift standing desk converter

Top quality bamboo top material is available for a clean look and excellent durability. Plus, they also offer tempered glass as well which is great!

If you need a keyboard tray it’s easy to choose one that fits your needs thanks to the size options offered by this company. However, some people who do not use them might find these trays unnecessary or useless depending on what you’re looking for in an office accessory like this. Finally, keep in mind that there are smaller models available with shorter legs if needed along with longer legs (up to 48″ wide) so please measure out your space before ordering any top-rated products online anytime soon whether it’s here or somewhere else because shipping

2. VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 standing desk converter

Top 2 on the list is this top-rated standing desk converter or sit-to-stand workstation by VARIDESK, the pro plus 36″ version

The Features of this top brand new product

This top new ergonomic adjustable height standing desk allows you to transition between sitting and standing while working on your computer, laptop, iPad along with other devices easily! No more uncomfortable back pain or neck tension when using it whether you’re tall or short in stature so feel free to purchase without any hesitation whatsoever because people love what it can do for them during office hours which is why the ratings are some of the best available online right now according to most top trusted sources.

If a keyboard tray isn’t needed then simply leave it out as there’s no need to pay extra shipping costs so you can save money and time during the process of assembly.

With that said, top features include a weight capacity up to 35 lbs which means there’s no problem holding laptops or other gadgets even if it weighs more than this number according to most top customer reviews who bought and used it first-hand recently (most models out there only go as high as 25lbs at max unless stated otherwise). Plus, people love how sturdy these standing desks are along with its sleek design including different size options available such as 36″ wide for those looking for something larger in their office space.

Pros & Cons of VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 Standing Desk Converter:

The Complete As far as pros/advantages go, top features include the ability to hold up to 35 lbs which is great for people with laptops/ipads or other accessories weighing more than this number. Also, there are no problems when assembling it according to top customer reviews who have tried out these products first-hand in their own homes recently (most top-rated standing desk converters can be very difficult and frustrating during assembly but not this one!)

And the price isn’t too bad either considering you’re getting top quality materials that won’t break down over time unlike cheaper models on the market right now even though they do come at a bit of a higher cost compared to some others like IKEA’s version currently available online here

On top of all that, shipping costs aren’t too high considering top quality materials have been used during the construction of this model unlike some other top brands out there.

As far as cons/disadvantages go, only a few minor complaints from previous buyers who were unhappy with certain things such as height options (but you can choose which one works for your needs and space by simply measuring out what will fit best before ordering online), lack of color or design choices compared to similar products like IKEA’s an extremely difficult assembly according to many top customer reviews even though it doesn’t take long at all if done correctly! – This is the top reason why the vast majority chose top-rated standing desk converters like VARIDESK’s

3. Ergotron WorkFit-S standing desk converter

This brand is the top three on our list. top-rated standing desk converters are Ergotron workfit S by top ergonomic adjustable height workstation .

Key features include its sleek and modern design along with many size options available such as 24″ wide for those looking for something smaller in their office space. Some top pros/advantages of this standing desk converter are that it can hold up to 35 lbs which means there’s no problem using laptops or other gadgets even if they weigh more than this number, plus top customer reviews agree that assembly was easy to do without any problems at all!

And since you’re getting top-quality materials used during these products ‘ construction, top customer reviews agree that this brand is worth the money you spend on it even though there are some cheaper options available online right now. Plus, shipping costs aren’t too high considering top quality materials have been used during production unlike many other top brands out there who give their customers poor service which gives people a bad impression of standing desk converters in general!

As far as cons/disadvantages go for Ergotron WorkFit-S standing desk converter, only minor complaints from previous buyers who were unhappy with certain things such as lack of color or design choices compared to similar products like IKEA’s an extremely difficult assembly according to top customer reviews (but this doesn’t take long at all if done correctly). – This is the top reason why the vast majority choose top-rated standing desk converters like Ergotron’s WorkFit S.

4. FlexiSpot ClassicRiser M2 standing desk converter

FlexiSpot ClassicRiser M2 is the top 4 of the best standing desk converter on our list.

About the FlexiSpot ClassicRiser M2, the features include: top quality materials (adjustable to suit your needs and space), sleek and modern design, top customer reviews agree that it is easy to assemble without any problems at all.

Other features like the adjustment process and top quality materials used during production get top customer reviews and ratings.

Pros and cons of this FlexiSpot ClassicRiser M2 converter, top customer reviews say that it comes at top quality materials unlike cheaper models out there.

5. VIVO  Adjustable 32-Inch Desk Riser – Best mountable standing desk converter

The VIVO Adjustable 32-Inch Desk Riser is in the top five of our list. We will break down some special key features below. Such as keyboard space, Stability, Task Space and Warranty.

The stability is one of the best features, top quality materials used during construction and warranty mean top value for money!

Keyboards can be placed on top or in front depending on how much room you need to work comfortably without any problems at all because this standing desk converter comes with a cable management system included so there’s no worry about cables being stepped on by accident which could damage your laptop or other gadgets. Another great feature is the caster wheels which will let you easily move it around if needed instead of getting up from your chair every time something needs to be done elsewhere in your office space. With high-quality casters also come top customer reviews saying that assembly was easy as pie even though some previous buyers say otherwise.

We agree that this standing desk converter is top quality and worth the money you spend on it since there are so many cheaper options available online right now but most of them have low-quality materials used during production which means they aren’t going to last

The top pros/advantages of the VIVO Adjustable 32-Inch Desk Riser standing desk converter is that it can hold up to 35 lbs which means there’s no problem using laptops or other gadgets even if they weigh more than this number, plus top customer reviews agree that assembly was easy with clear instructions.

Final thoughts

Choosing a great standing desk converter is not an easy job. But we hope our top list and detailed reviews will help you decide on the best one for your needs.