FEZIBO L-shaped electric standing desk review & top 3 best Alternatives

FEZIBO L-shaped standing desk review

What do we think about the L shaped standing desk from FEZIBO? Well, let’s find out now!

FEZIBO L-shaped electric standing desk – Lots of add ons

If you read a review on the FEZIBO standing desks from Standingdesktopper, you might know how we love the accessories that come with the desk. The same things ring true with the L-shaped desk of the brand. You get the side hooks where you can place your headset, and the control panel at no additional cost. So if you are on the hunt for a bigger work area that will give you enough bells and whistles at a fair price, this is still it.  

This is also perhaps one of the reasons why this brand is selling like hotcakes right now. When everyone is trying to find a standing desk that can give them more amps and oohs without shelling off extra money, this is a dead ringer.

Easy assembly

Even with the larger desk area, you’ll still be able to find it easy to assemble. The instructions are straightforward. And you’ll also be able to find heaps of tutorial videos on YouTube. So if you don’t want to go through the fine print, you’ll still find it relatively easy to set up.

It’s also not too hefty but it’s not too light. So you will still be able to set it up on your own. Though there are some parts where you wished you had a helping hand. But if you ask us if it’s easy to install these L-shaped desks on your own, yes it is.

Wide working area

This L-shaped desk can be set up in 12-3 minutes. And in terms of the space, it can provide a wider working space such as other more expensive shaped desks from UPLIFT.

Pretty stable and steady

It did not shake or wobble. This L-shaped desk is decently steady, stable, and can hold itself up very well. Even if you accidentally jumped your hips into the desk, it will not shake that badly. Well, not enough to knock your monitor off the floor. So yeah, it’s pretty stable at all heights.

And it’s also not scandalous. Meaning, you will not be irked every time the desk transitions because it’s relatively quiet. And though it’s not smooth as butter, it moves up and down without any halts or stops. 

fezibo standing desk

Not so good bits

  1. Low weight capacity for an L shaped desk

This L-shaped desk from FEZIBO is pretty sturdy and stable as we have mentioned above. But it has a lower weight capacity compared to other L-shaped standing desks in the market. For 176 weight capacity, this is often seen in most medium-duty standing desks. 

And since the L shaped desk will be larger and heftier, you will often expect that it will have a higher weight capacity. That’s the case with other L-shaped desks of other brands. So we were surprised that the L-shaped desk from FEZIBO has the same carrying limit as that of their regular desk. So a bigger desk doesn’t equate to a higher weight limit in this case. 

  1. Not so aesthetically pleasing

One of the complaints in the standard desks of the brand is the demarcation line that indicates where the two tabletops have been connected. So if you’re looking for a more aesthetically pleasing desk, that might tip you off. 

Though it comes in an array of color options and finishes, so that can or might not make it up, depending on your preference. For the L- shaped desk, we really can’t call it posh and sleek. But you can tell that the laminate material is not the best. 

And if you get the ones with the keyboard tray, the paint can wear off after some time. So the desk may look presentable at first. 

But as the months go by, you will be able to tell that it’s not made of premium materials. But hey, you cannot get a good-looking desk such as the Autonomous or an XTERRA for the price that the FEZIBO can offer. So you cannot really complain. 

  1. Some don’t find the cable tray useful

Though the brand tossed in a cable tray, some users do not see this working for them. Some have complained that the tray is not sufficient enough. You will not be able to neatly stash in the cords and wires. 

Well, the tray that comes with the desks is quite thin and small. So if you have more chunky wires and cables, heck yeah, you will not be able to stash them easily and neatly. On the other hand, you will not have any issues if you have fewer wires and cables. 

Also, there are a few users who complained of misaligned holes. Though we are not really able to experience this one, there were a handful. So the quality control is not the best. 

  1. Still awful customer service

Oh yeah, this continues to be one of the main complaints of users. It’s the bad customer service that’s leaving a really not as good impression on the brand. We get it, this desk is one of the cheapest yet stable and decent ones. It could be due to that fact. The fact that people will find it hard to find another desk that can be at par with what FEZIBO can give. So, we will dwell on that issue in one of our articles soon. 


Despite the shortcomings of the desk, you really will not be able to leave it a poor rating. Why? Because it’s stable and does not wobble. And that is perhaps one of the more important features people will look for at a standing desk. Especially for the price range, you’ll still be happy with the L- shaped desk from FEZIBO. 

It may not look all posh and some might even find it cheap. But hey, will you be expecting a lot or a desk of that price? 

Best alternatives for FEZIBO

So if you find the customer service annoyingly disappointing, you might be tempted to just shop for an L-shaped desk from another brand. And here are our favorite alternatives. 

Bekant corner desk ($259)

It’s hard to find L-shaped standing desks that are within the same price range as that of FEZIBO, or even close to it! That’s why we also have included the corner desk of IKEA Bekant on our list of alternatives.

Though this may not literally be an L-shaped desk, it is shaped a bit similar to it. And it does offer a bigger working area compared to the traditional stand-up desks. It is either spliced to the right or left side. So you can still nominate a small nook as one zone. So if you want to extend your working area a bit, this can be a decent choice.

Also, one of the reasons why we chose the Bekant corner desk is that this is pretty sturdy and solid. It does not wobble and we feel that it is decently durable. And oh, it has a 10-year warranty, so you can get more value for your purchase. 

The downside is, some find it oddly shaped. And you will not be able to connect it to other standing desks if you want to extend your working area. It has its own size and will not fit into any other desks. 

HowZone L shaped standing desk ( $273)

This affordable L-shaped standing desk looks similar to the FEZIBO. It even has the side hooks for the headphones and a control panel with memory presets included. It also has the same lifting capacity as that of FEZIBO’s L-shaped desk. 

The downside is, some have encountered lifting issues with the desk. Sometimes it can stop or halt. And like the FEZIBO, this one has poor customer service. There isn’t even reliable tech support where you can call in case you have encountered the same issue. 

Though the tabletop and the leg frames are pretty sturdy, there might be something wrong with the motor of some of their units. 

Hanover L shaped desk ($700)

Though this might not be the closest in terms of the price range of FEZIBO’s L-shaped desk, it’s one of those that cost less than 100 dollars.  

So this can be an option if you are willing to shell out money and enjoy a standing desk with a higher weight capacity. The area is spacious and the weight capacity is at 500 lbs or more. So this is an upgrade from the meager 176 lbs weight capacity.

This is also one stable unit. Though it doesn’t look all fancy and posh like the Uplift or XTERRA L-shaped desk, it looks more high-end compared to FEZIBO’s tabletop. It also has rounded edges that make it look more pleasing.

The downside is, it can be confusing to put it together. And oh, you have to place it in a well-ventilated room because it can emit more toluene compared to other brands.

Final Say

The FEZIBO L-shaped desk is actually the cheapest yet stable L-shaped desk in the market today. But you have to do with a lower capacity and a not so appealing aesthetic. But in terms of the functionality, wider working area, and stability, this is still a winner. That’s why despite the very disappointing customer service, many are still looking to buy this desk.