Haworth Fern vs Steelcase Gesture: which chair has the better headrest, and which is more comfortable for reclining?

If you’re looking for a comfortable office chair with a headrest, the Haworth Fern and Steelcase Gesture are both great options. The Fern has a softer, more contoured headrest that cradles your head, while the Gesture has a firmer, more supportive headrest that helps keep your head in alignment. The Fern is also more comfortable for reclining, as it has a deeper seat and a higher backrest. However, the Steelcase Gesture is better suited for taller users, as it has a higher seat and backrest. So, which chair is right for you?

Let’s breakdown in detail with us today to find out the final answer!

Compare the Headrest – Overall better and more adjustable – the Gesture

Haworth Fern office chair
Haworth Fern

Even when it comes to relaxing and reclining, the Fern is so useful and comfortable. It has a higher backrest and deeper seat that make it perfect for taller users or those who want to recline further back. The Gesture, on the other hand, is better suited for shorter users as it has a lower seat and backrest.

When it comes to the headrest, both chairs have their own unique benefits. The Fern has a softer, more contoured headrest that cradles your head, while the Gesture has a firmer, more supportive headrest that helps keep your head in alignment

Make sure you guys know, that not everyone loves the headrest. Some prefer the chair without them. The back of Haworth Fern is tall enough without the headrest, so your head will not touch the back of the chair.

How about the Supportive while upright

In this factor, the Gesture is better. The backrest of the Gesture is taller and provides more support for your back when you’re sitting upright. The Fern has a shorter backrest, which may not be as supportive for taller users.

Compare the Lumbar support

Both have great lumbar support, but the Fern’s is more adjustable. The Fern has a built-in lumbar support that can be adjusted to fit your back, while the Gesture has a separate lumbar pillow that you can adjust to your desired level of support.

If you get the Gesture, whether or not you get an adjustable lumbar is up to personal preference, but we highly recommend that it’s left out if possible. The plastic piece just adds more marketing keywords for them and isn’t necessary aesthetically speaking.”

Steelcase Gesture
Steelcase Gesture

Recline angles comparison

The Fern has a smoother motion, making it better for mixed tasking/rocking. The other high end chair’s over-lockable reclines are not very ergonomic and don’t promote movement so they’re mostly just used by professionals who need to sit still in one position all day long with nothing moving around them or changing posture constantly while doing work on their computers at home etc., whereas if you like getting up periodically then this kind of seat might suit your needs more than what we recommend since there isn’t much tension available when trying lock

The Fern is a much better chair if you want to move side-to-side, recline back or forth and feel more freedom of movement. On the other hand (though it doesn’t have many downsides), we find that using this particular product line was very limited because while all three styles are pretty comfortable for seated use they’re not really intended as lounges – so while there are nothing wrong with napping in them when someone visits unexpectedly; one could also easily end up feeling stiff after hours sitting at their desk without any breaks!

The Steelcase Gesture armrests are also good like the king, but in reality, the Haworth Fern can do pretty much all of the same range of motion with a bit more effort put into adjusting their position.

Dimensions showdown – Haworth Fern vs Steelcase Gesture

In terms of dimensions, the Fern is slightly larger than the Gesture. The Fern has a wider seat and backrest, and a higher weight capacity. So, if you’re looking for a chair that can accommodate a larger body type, the Fern is the better choice.

With the detail Seat depth: The Fern has a seat depth of 19 inches, while the Gesture has a seat depth of 18 inches.

Backrest height: The Fern has a backrest height of 33 inches, while the Gesture has a backrest height of 32 inches.

Width between arms: The Fern has a width between arms of 25 inches, while the Gesture has a width between arms of 23.5 inches.

Height from ground to top of seat: The Fern has a height from ground to top of seat of 17-20 inches, while the Gesture has a height from ground to top of seat of 16-19 inches.”

Recline mechanism: The Fern uses a steel-reinforced mechanism that is designed for strength and durability. The Gesture uses a plastic recline mechanism that some users have reported as being less durable.

Recycled Content from Fern is 32%, which means that this chair has been made with 32% recycled materials, while from Gesture is 28%.

In conclusion, the Haworth Fern is the better choice if you’re looking for a comfortable, adjustable, and durable chair. The Steelcase Gesture is a good choice if you’re looking for a stylish chair with a smaller footprint.