Jarvis crank-powered standing desk review

Jarvis crank-powered standing desk

We have been steady users of standing desks for over a decade now, and have seen the transformation from bulky, expensive, dangerous-to-pedal devices to far more ergonomic and safe adjustable standing desk solutions. During this time, we have had the opportunity to try a great number of desk designs, both electric and crank-powered. We are happy to share our thoughts on the Jarvis crank-powered standing desk for its ergonomic design, easy assembly, safe under-desk mount installation, quality craftsmanship and quiet operation.

Currently the best selling adjustable height sit/stand desk in America is Fully Jarvis Bamboo. The table has a simple bamboo top and base with a black powder-coated finish. It includes an easy to mount under-desk hydraulic lift for effortless height adjustments from 24″-50″. A uniquely positioned crank handle is bolted on the left side of the desk. The crank operation can be used in lieu of the electric motor, or in addition to it, allowing you to switch between sitting and standing position whenever desired.

Crank mounted at side of desk

The Jarvis Crank Desk itself is very sturdy when assembled, not wiggling around like other desks we have tried. The two halves are also quite secure when locked together. There was no risk that either part might pop apart during use or assembly (see photos below). The welds were solid, not sloppy. All the edges of the metal parts were nicely finished with no sharp corners or burrs to cut your hand on.

The Jarvis Crank Desk ships in two boxes weighing about 50 lbs each.  We don’t believe that most people will have any problem unboxing and then carrying both pieces into their desired location for assembly. The pre-drilled holes match up perfectly during assembly without any problem .

It was easy to attach the base using four provided screws. We suggest you use a power drill/screwdriver for speed and precision when attaching these screws, but it can be done by hand if necessary. We also attached the desk top to the base using two provided bolts and an Allen wrench

The installation of under-desk mount

The beauty of having a separate crank handle is that you can use it in addition to the electric motor.  Cranking gives you extra power for situations when your battery might be low, or if your electrical power goes out.  It would allow you to ride out temporary grid failures or brownouts.  You could even work on cranking up your strength each day until you could no longer keep up with it! This kind of workout might help fight off some muscle wasting diseases like muscle atrophy.

Another great feature is the safety handle at the front edge of the Jarvis Crank Desk base.  It is a must-have if you will be standing for hours on end and cranking your standing desk up and down over and over again.  This way, in case you slip or lose your balance while standing, you can hang on to it and avoid falls that could lead to injury .

Notched out area allows grabbing without risk of tipping

The crank handle itself was well positioned so as not to interfere with pedaling when using an under-desk elliptical machine (as we do).  And yet it was easy to use when necessary. The operating noise when turning the crank was very modest, and did not go up noticeably when using the electric motor in addition to the crank.

Jarvis crank-powered standing desk with small, quiet operation

The Jarvis Crank Desk comes with a standard one year warranty on parts and labor by Fully , but we have purchased a two year extended warranty from SquareTrade at a very reasonable price. We highly recommend it if you intend to use your crank-powered standing desk for many years of heavy duty use.  We also suggest that you register your product upon receiving it to activate its warranty coverage.  If you don’t do both of these things, then get ready for an unpleasant conversation with customer service later on down the line!

Reasons why we should buy this crank instead of the electric desk

The first reason is the price, it’s cheaper. Of course. Price – identical at $490 for base + one motor, but with a separate crank handle worth an additional ~$90

Weight capacity is the same for both crank and electric desks from Fully: 220 lbs

Crank mounted on side of desk instead of in front. This allows using it without getting your feet tangled up or banging into it when pedaling under-desk elliptical machine.  Also allows hanging onto the safety handle without risk of tipping backwards. Less chance to slip and fall when working with wet hands from water bottles, coffee mugs, etc… Crank arm attaches easily at left side of desk (if right handed).  No need to attach it on the other side which might interfere with pedals

Small footprint when down, only ~11″ x 12.5″.  It can fit in any room with very limited space. Even with the crank handle attached it weighs only 57 lbs (25 kg) and is easy to move around.  We would not hesitate to take it on an airplane if we needed to

Easy to assemble

No assembly required – just attach the base and desk top and you are set (can be done in less than 10 minutes by one person)

Handle for grab at standing desk base – no risk of tipping over when standing with hands on handle

Can be used in sitting position for gaming, working or napping without problems.  The crank just folds out of the way when not needed

You can use it in addition to an under desk elliptical machine (which we also review) – the only difference is that you have to pedal backwards(!)

It can be used without motor (in this case you need to crank it up & down manually)  You will need stronger muscles but it saves $100 (no motor = $390 base + $90 crank handle instead of $490 for electric base)

Lack of warranty extension from Fully

Price clearly identical, but knowing that there are no hidden additional fees makes choosing the manual version much easier. If you had to pay an extra ~$300 just because your employer offered a fully loaded office,

Overall, in conclusion,

The crank-powered version is clearly the winner when it comes to value for money.  It’s a no-brainer when you consider the price difference, and that you can use it in addition with an under desk elliptical machine.  All this makes the manual Jarvis crank desk an easy choice to make.  In fact, we actually prefer its looks over the sleek Fully electric version…