Jarvis standing desk frame review – not only smart but extremely sturdy

Fully Jarvis standing desk frame

Jarvis base is one of the most popular options when it comes to adjustable stand up desk frames. There are a few reasons why the frame made by Fully has become so popular among the majority of the users.

What makes jarvis the best standing desk Frame?

You might be wondering, what is jarvis standing desk frame? Well jarvis by Fully is the perfect base for you even if you have no experience in DIY projects because it takes less than 45 minutes to assemble this bad boy once it arrives at your doorstep!

Secondly Jarvis standing desk frame is truly smart. Its inductive control system provides easy and effortless height adjustment, which can be controlled with a light touch of your finger or palm on the Jarvis’s button panel.

Third, jarvis standing desk frame has a modern and sleek design which will add a gorgeous touch to your office. The jarvis base comes in black, white, silver, espresso and bamboo.

Next, the reason why Jarvis stand up desk frame is one of the best adjustable height desks because it includes an easy push button control that makes height adjustment super simple. As well it includes two cable management channels that hide all cords from jarvis’ legs giving the jarvis adjustable table a tidy look. Other models have these too but jarvis is definitely more appealing due to its modern design.

Jarvis Standing Desk frame -Detail review

Jarvis adjustable table base has different controller options – you can choose from an inductive button panel or capacitive touch sensitive panel depending on the tabletop size you need and your individual preferences and needs.

This frame is not only smart but it’s extremely sturdy. The pillars of height adjustable table are made out of solid, cold rolled steel which makes all possible adjustments super safe and secure.

The height desk fits in pretty much any environment whether it’s an office, school, lab or other spaces. Jarvis base is equipped with dual ergonomic handle that makes it easy to maneuver the Jarvis standing desk frame around.

Another amazing thing from this frame is the warranty. With a standard 12-year warranty and during this period if any issues come up, Fully has incredible customer support which will handle your problems within 24 hours!

Jarvis standiing desk frame

Fully also has a variety of tabletop sizes ranging from 24 inch or 26 inch up to 48 inch or 72 desks if you would like an expansive area for dual monitor sitting/standing setup. These table tops are made out of bamboo, recycled Mdf, reclaimed wood fiberboard which is sustainable and eco-friendly option. In case you would like other top material, Fully also offers laminate desktops in black or white color, premium solid wood desktops in maple and cherry. Jarvis frame is also available with a wire management system for easy cord routing.

Things we didn’t like about Jarvis standing desk frame by Fully

The only negative thing we could say about Jarvis adjustable height standing desk is the price – it is definitely not for everyone because it’s one of the most expensive options on the market. It’s like Mercedes Benz of standing desks in terms of design and durability but also its cost reflects this fact.

Has a ton of extra features which makes it extremely stylish and safe option for your office, Jarvis frame or the Fully Jarvis standing desk is definitely one the best looking desks on the market, especially if you go with the black or white tabletop.

Compare Jarvis vs the other frames

When you are looking for a base or any other type of adjustable height desk, Jarvis by Fully is definitely one of the best options, especially if you want to be sure that everything will work properly and your DIY desk will have warranty in case anything goes wrong. But we all know that the price from Fully is not easy for normal guys. It is a little bit too expensive for your million dollar taste then maybe Autonomous SmartDesk should be considered as an alternative. So what makes this SmartDesk Kit perfect alternative to jarvis?

Well, this frame comes with many upgrades and additional features that jarvis might not offer like rack and pinion adjustment system, magnetic breakaway power strip and dual ergonomic handlebars.

Just like Jarvis, Autonomous SmartDesk can support heavy loads. It can hold 50 lbs more than jarvis frame and it’s total weight capacity is 375 lbs. If jarvis cannot provide you with all the features that you like then Autonomous SmartDesk could be your next best thing!

Frankly, the Smartdesk Kit is not as stable as Jarvis standing desk but it is still pretty solid and you can definitely use this frame with any tabletop option. Only one cons is that Autonomous has a terrible customer service if your base has any trouble, well that’s a big deal. Anyway, if you are looking for a long term investment this might be perfect choice for you.

VARIDESK is also one of the most popular companies when it comes to standing desks. They offer base models which is very similar to Jarvis, however Jarvis has certain advantages over VARIDESK. For example, Jarvis stand up desk frame can support more weight – up to 25 lbs more while having the same weight capacity. Also jarvis adjustable height desk has better warranty – up to 12 years while VARIDESKs warranty is only 5 years.


Jarvis standing desk frame by Fully is definitely one of the best options available on the market. It is extremely sturdy and durable, has long warranty and it is equipped with many upgrades and additional features that might be very helpful for your home or business office. If jarvis is too expensive then definitely consider Autonomous SmartDesk as alternative solution because it’s cheaper but not less attractive!

All in one – Jarvis standing desk base will provide you with everything you need to adjust your current regular desk to a new standing desk at different heights without any hassle.