Top 3 Best 78-inch L-shaped standing desks

If a 60 x 60 regulars standing desk is not able to accommodate your hefty requirements, why not go big and get an L-shaped desk instead. So here are our top three picks for a more spacious working area. 

Progressive Corner Ryzer Desk ($920)

If you’ll hover through the internet right now, the Corney Ryzer L-shaped desk is one of the most sought-after standing desks of its kind. It is a bit expensive compared to the other Ryzer series of the brand. But when compared to other L-shaped desks in the market( well except for the cheaper Autonomous) this is quite affordable.

best l shaped Corner_Ryzer standing desk

And if you’re looking for a standing desk with more lifting speed, a three-stage standing desk with three motors is the perfect solution. With more than 2 motors working to lift the tabletop, you can expect it to be faster and more seamless. That’s why the Corner Ryzer is an affordable pick. It’s a 3 stage 3 motor sit-stand desk, but it can also be more affordable compared to other 2 stage standing desks.

Also, you can go higher and lower with a three-stage motor. And of course, the wider the desk is, the more you will be able to set up a busier workplace. It’s easy to allocate zones for a good workflow with a bigger desk. 

Another unique feature of this Corner Ryzer desk is that the tabletop is made of high-quality MDF. Despite the lower price tag, the tabletop material does not easily get deformed.

It is heavy-duty too and can bear the weight of 70 kg with no problem. We were able to maximize its weight capacity and the desk did not seem to budge. It still transitioned fast and smooth despite the overwhelming weight. Well, aside from the three motors, you’ll also notice how thick and strong the steel legs are. You can instantly tell that it is made for the blogger league

And it also allows for a bit of customization. You will be able to change the width of the frame. So if you need to make a smaller setup soon, you will still be able to use the same frame. 

Overall this is a very sturdy, stable standing desk. We have no complaints, except for one thing. The setup is very challenging because it doesn’t have any clear instructions. The desk is also underrated. So you will likely not find any other information, reviews, or tutorials on how to set the desk up on YouTube. It’s more like building a puzzle on your own. And the shipping was not the best. We were able to receive our purchase with some rips on the boxes. Though the entire desk was unscratched, the presentation is a nay. 

Jarvis L shaped standing desk 81 x 60 ($ 1399)

The Corner Ryzer is a heavy duty and stable desk. But when it comes to the aesthetic, there is nothing much to be desired. It does look all plain Jane but with not much charm. That may be one of the coms as well. The L-shaped desk of Fully Jarvis, on the other hand, looks eloquent.

Jarvis L shaped standing desk

This ain’t a 78-inch desk, but it’s a tad wider at 81 x 60. And you also get to choose from three more sizes. So it’s up to you how elaborate and busy you want your work setup to be. An inch or two of an additional workspace can still mean a lot, especially if you are allocating zones. 

With the brand’s most coveted bamboo tabletop standing desk, we were not surprised. The brand does seem to have several nifty-looking units. Though these are not the fanciest looking as with a COMHAR or an SHW glass top standing desk, it does look clean and sleek.  

The downside, however, as with all other units of the brand, is stability. And in the brand’s pursuit to make this L-shaped desk more stable, they had to use crossbars at the bottom part of the desk. This perhaps accounts for the added stability of the unit. But we did still feel a bit of when the desk was set at the max height. And also, these crossbars aka shin crushers might not be for those who want more legroom or who tend to stretch their legs while working. You’ll be bumping your legs or feet against the crossbars if you do that. So this might be a flaw in the design of the unit. Though it does not make the desk look unpleasant, it can feel restricting for some. 

This desk is also easy to assemble. The instructions were clear. And though some might want to do the setup with the suggested steps in random order, we discourage you to do so. It’s better to go with what’s instructed because you might miss out on something. The brand gave out a detailed list of steps, so you will not have a hard time setting it up on your own. 

Another limitation is that, if you want the oak HPL tabletop, it only comes in a single size, 72 x 72. Why not just settle for the other tabletop units? Because this is the brand’s more robust and durable tabletop option. Some had problems with the lower-cost bamboo top because it easily gets scratches. So if you are nit-picky about the scratches and dents, you will really want to go for the oak HPL table top of the brand. But you will not be able to get it on either 80 or 81 inches. 

Overall, the L shaped desk from Fully is a gorgeous looking, decently stable desk. But you have to be cool with the crossbar found at the bottom part of the desk. So we don’t recommend this for taller users if you’re going to use the desk whilst seated. Because for sure, you will need more legroom. And that’s compromising the design of this desk. 

And though it looks decently strong it’s not heavy duty like the Corner Ryzer. And unless you get the oak HPL tabletop, you might have to deal with scratches and dents now and then. But the thing is, the HPL tops are only available in a smaller size 

Autonomous L shaped desk ($799)

As we have mentioned a bit earlier, the Autonomous L-shaped desk is priced much lower compared to the Corner Ryzer desk. You will be able to get a wide and spacious working area for less than 800 dollars. But of course, you might be asking, why is the price too low? Well, there’s always a catch.

autonomous l shaped standing desk review

The Autonomous L-shaped desk is only a single stage standing desk. Meaning it only has one motor working to lift and lower the desk. So it will not be able to go high enough or low enough. Thus it will have a lower scope of users. But compared to other single-stage desks, it transitions faster. And of course, it offers a wider top. 

But why did we choose this? Yes, it is still here for several reasons. One, when used for light duty to medium duty load it can still provide a decently stable workstation. Especially if you need space to spread your blueprints, templates, and documents but you do not need to load your big gadgets and equipment on the desk. But it can still accommodate 300 lbs, so this is still some load. But we advise not to maximize it so that the stability of the desks will not be compromised. So we recommend it for medium-duty use only.

Thus, this can be your desk if you are of average height and need a large space to work but don’t have more than 800 to spend on an L-shaped standing desk. Also, you have to consider some cons such as the setup. The brand claims that you will be able to install it in 10-15 minutes. Nah, give it an hour or two, and the instructions are not clear. But the good news is, there are a lot of tutorial videos on setting up an L-shaped Autonomous desk compared to the Corner Ryzer. So you will still be able to pull through on your own. Besides, the desk is not heavy, so a one-man job will still suffice.

And two, we have mentioned that it is for light to medium-duty use only. Despite the claim of a 330 lbs weight capacity, we find the parts not strong enough to bear that kind of load. 

It might not be like the other two options on your list. But when used as advised, it will still be able to last for a decent amount of time. 

Final Say

So overall, if you’re looking for a heavy-duty unit, the Corner Ryzen will give the best value for your money. But if you’re looking for a more aesthetically pleasing desk with a decent build, the Fully Jarvis L-shaped desk might interest you. And if you’re looking for the more budget-friendly option, the Autonomous L-shaped desk is crazy affordable large desk. Just make sure not to use it for heavy-duty purposes.