UNICOO Crank Standing Desk review and Best Alternatives

UNICOO - Crank Standing Desk

If you’re in the market for a more affordable entry-level desk, manually adjustable desks are the best option. You can get the benefits of standing desks without shelling out much dough. 

UNICOO could be a great standing desk solution for your home office. Yes, it’s affordable, but so are other brands in the market. So let’s see what makes it different from other popular hand-cranked desks.

UNICOO Crank Standing Desk review

UNICOO features

Before I place the UNICOO head to head with other desks of its kind. I am going to run down its features, along with the pros and the cons.

  1. It’s lightweight and easy to install. You will be able to receive your desk in one big box. And the brand ships it fast. 
  2. But I had some trouble getting the metal frames connected to the upper portion of the desk. It did not seem to fit. So there is a problem with the quality control of the brand. I did some scouring through the net and I was surprised to see that a lot of users also encountered the same problem. The brand could benefit from better quality control.
  3. Assembly took some time. Some of the screws don’t fit properly. Should the screws have the perfect size for the parts, it could have been easy. Again, there’s a real problem with quality control. 

The parts that go in the box do not seem to get checked. It’s either the leg frames do not fit or the screws do not. Either way, something seemed to go wrong 90 percent of the time of the setup. So even if the item was shipped early, you have to allot more time for the replacement, should you encounter the same problem. 

  1. The desk can go high enough for borderline taller people but it won’t be able to go low enough for petite users. Also, you might not be able to use it comfortably when seated, it’s just too high. I think this desk was made mainly for standing rather than for transitioning from sitting to standing and vice versa.
  2. The hand crank lever can be pulled out. So it doesn’t get in the way. You can fold it in if you’re not using it. This saves everyone’s hip from bumping against the lever. And not all hand-cranked desk brands have this. 
  3. The UNICOO desk has a crossbar at the center. I have concerns about whether it would bump into my knees. It doesn’t bump but it gets in the way of me sprawling my legs to the front. So it eats up my leg space.
  4. The leveling feet are a great addition. It protects your floor from scratches. Also, you have an option to outfit it with wheels for better mobility and portability.
  5. It’s easy to crank the lever up and down. There are no annoying creaks or sounds. 
  6. The tabletop is made of some kind of melamine material. While it looks decent enough, it doesn’t seem to be suitable for writing on. You have to have several layers of paper on top of the desk to make it smooth enough to write on. 

Stand up Desk height desk crank adjustable vs UNICOO

In terms of size, the UNICOO is similar to the 48-inch desk from Stand Up Desk. But the former has a rather smaller weight capacity. The instructor said never to exceed 88 lbs. So this is for a really basic one monitor setup. On the other hand, you can go a bit more accessories to the Stand-Up desk with its weight capacity of 154 lbs.

Both desks are portable. You have an option to get wheels for the UNICOO desk while the Stand-Up desk is already fitted with one. And it has locks so the desk can stay put in one place. And they also have the same height adjustment range. So these two hand-cranked desks are great for borderline taller users.

Image source: standingdesktopper.com

In terms of stability and durability, the UNCOO does feel pretty stable. But the Stand-Up desk seemed more solid. The steel frame legs are well constructed and it’s also easy to maneuver the hand crank. So the Stand-Up desk is a better choice if you need a more robust work station since it has a higher weight capacity too. 

And I did not encounter issues with the legs and screws not fitting, so the setup was faster and fuss-free than the UNICOO.

Tranzendesk 55 inch long

The Tranzendesk from Stand Steady boasts of a wider station at 55 inches. You also have options for wider tabletops. That’s an advantage over the UNICOO since the UNICOO only comes in a single size. But the catch is, though the Tranzendesk is wider, it has a bit lower capacity of 85 lbs. So that’s a tad bit lacking compared to the 88 lbs weight capacity of the UNICOO. 

So you have to be careful of the weight of the items that you’re placing on the desk. Since the Tranzendesk is wider, you might unconsciously go overboard the 85 lbs maximum weight capacity.

Both do have leveling feet. So that’s good news for your expensive hardwood floors. You also have options to put wheels on both desks. 

Another advantage the Tranzendesk has over the UNICOO is that it has a wider range of height adjustment levels. It can go from 27.5 to 45.2 inches. So the Tranzendesk can accommodate both taller and shorter users. And many will be able to find a sweet spot with the wider height adjustment range. 

And the Tranzendesk is pretty stable. In terms of stability, it’s a tie with the UNICOO. Once the Tranzendesk is built properly, it is pretty stable and has a very little wobble. But like the UNICOO, there are some issues with some of the parts.

I received the box with a few screws, bolts, and nuts missing. So that can be a nuisance especially if you want to use the desk asap. You have to rush to the hardware or call customer service to get the missing parts and accessories. So both brands could benefit from better quality control. This will make its consumers happier. 

UNICOO vs Multimode table 

The Multimode hand-cranked desk has a higher weight capacity with 130 lbs weight, it can accommodate a busier work setup compared to the 88 lb weight capacity of UNICOO. It can also go higher up to 48 inches. So this hand-cranked desk can cater to more users. 

Compared to the UNICOO desk, it’s a more sleek looking desk. Most hands cranked desks have this crossbar at the center that makes the unit extra sturdy. And the Multimode table does not have one. So that makes the desk look cleaner, simpler, and sleeker.

In terms of stability and durability, both desks are not disappointing. The hand crank function of these two desks would require moderate force or effort to operate. 

Thermodesk Ellure vs UNICOO

UNICOO is a great budget-friendly option. But if you’re looking for a hand-cranked desk with more muscles and prowess, the Ellure from Imovr is one of the best options. This hand-cranked desk is my premium pick for my list. The 3D laminated tabletop also looks the best from the brands and models that I’ve mentioned above. 

 It has a weight capacity of 200 lbs, even higher than that of the robust Mod Table. And it’s even at par with some popular electric standing desk. It can give other electric desks a run for their money. So this is a great solution for three monitor setup. 

And compared to the UNICOO and other hand-cranked desks on my list, you need to exert very minimal effort to turn the hand crank so that will function. So this is the one that would feel less of an arm workout. 

It also does not have the crossbar at the center, so that’s a big plus for me. The desk doesn’t need a supporting bar at the center to make it sturdy. You also have more leg space.

And the lifetime warranty can give you more value for your money. The same goes for almost all desks from the brand. You also have an option to purchase just the frame. And with a brawnier frame, you can fit a thicker and heftier tabletop desk on the frames. 

Final say

Hand-cranked desks aren’t only budget-friendly options, they are more reliable desks than electric ones. UNICOO is a great pick if you want a more affordable hand-cranked desk. But if you’re willing to splurge a bit more to get a more sturdy manually adjusted desk, I have the best alternative on my list.